The failure and treatment of electromagnetic flowmeter


As a kind of precision flow measuring instrument, elect […]

As a kind of precision flow measuring instrument, electromagnetic flowmeter has been widely used in actual industrial production due to its good measurement effect on conductive liquid. However, in daily flow measurement, due to the existence of various factors, it is easy to cause malfunctions such as unlit meter, unstable display, fluctuation, and inaccuracy during use. Xiao Xun introduced to you the common troubleshooting methods of electromagnetic flowmeters. After the troubleshooting is found, what should we handle?
The meter does not light up or yellow screen after power on
1. Power off and restart;
2. Remove other load equipment from the power supply and supply power to the flowmeter separately;
3. Replace other flow meter heads on site to test whether the power supply is normal;
4. Replace the insurance tube;
5. If the fault still exists after the above steps, it needs to be returned to the factory for repair.
Flow through, no flow display
1. Check "Reverse output allowed", if it is prohibited, change to allow;
2. Check the empty pipe alarm threshold, if the actual value is greater than the threshold, increase the threshold;
3. Turn off small signal removal;
4. If the actual value of the empty pipe alarm is too large and the medium is conductive, clean the electrode surface and measure the electrode path;
5. If the flow rate is too low, you need to change the diameter on site and replace the flowmeter with a smaller caliber.
Unsteady reading, jumping up and down
1. Non-metallic pipes, plus grounding ring;
2. Number of positive and negative jumps, check the ground wire path, if it is broken, reconnect it on the flange ground screw;
3. Check SYS. If the excitation is not insulated or the excitation wire is broken, try to work with a single coil.
4. If the installation position is at the highest point, and there are bubbles in the pipeline, add a vent valve before and after the instrument;
5. If the empty pipe threshold is too high, the electrode needs to be cleaned.
Not allowed
1. What should I do if the 4-20mA output and the meter display are not correct?
(1) The multimeter test the current value output by the head end of the meter, and use the formula (I-4)/16*Q/ to calculate whether it is correct;
(2) Whether the upper range limit is consistent with the nameplate;
(3) Check the interference around the 4-20mA output line.
2. What should I do if the pulse output does not match the meter display?
(1) Check whether the pulse equivalent is consistent with the customer's design.
3. What should I do if 485 is not right?
(1) Issue communication protocol;
(2) Check the mailing address in the header;
(3) Send special test software to customers.
no output
1. Current, pulse, no output
Remove the load, connect a multimeter to the output terminal, and measure whether the current and voltage are present. If not, change the header. If so, check the remote transmission line.
2. No GPRS communication
(1) Call call next to the watch to see if the phone has a signal;
(2) Check the historical data on the platform to determine whether the battery is dead;
(3) Check whether the header parameters are set correctly (IP address, GPRS connection mode, communication protocol, sleep wake-up, server port number).
Count when there is no traffic
1. Increase signal removal;
2. If it is determined that the pipeline medium is charged, a metal grounding ring needs to be added in front of the instrument;
3. If the air traffic control alarm is not turned on, turn it on;
4. There is a strong magnetic field around but cannot be removed, so put a metal box around the meter.

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