Analyze the causes of errors in electromagnetic flowmeter measurement


In petrochemical, chemical, water treatment, and other […]

In petrochemical, chemical, water treatment, and other manufacturing industries, our electromagnetic flowmeters are loved by the above industries because of their advantages of lossless pressure, reasonable price, and high measurement accuracy! It can be said that the electromagnetic flowmeter has a wide range of application media and high cost performance is the choice for many measurement flow. Then in the actual operation, due to operation problems or installation problems, or the equipment selection is unreasonable, it will There is a big error!
Improper selection:
Because our electromagnetic flowmeter also has a flow rate control and conductivity problem. Generally speaking, if the flow rate range of the electromagnetic flowmeter is 0.5~10m/s, but in actual use, our working conditions cannot reach the above. Requirements, as well as the fact that the conductivity of the medium is not enough and the electromagnetic flowmeter must be used. The only reason for improper selection is to replace the flowmeter! There is also the characteristics of the medium. If the characteristics of the medium are corrosive, it will not work if the lining in the electromagnetic flowmeter is not anti-corrosive!
Media influence:
In addition to the corrosive media we mentioned above, there is also air or bubbles in our liquid. These are the reasons for the inaccuracy of our electromagnetic flowmeter! Also, the medium must be stable. If the conductivity of the medium is instantaneously large, it will also lead to inaccurate progress.
Installation error:
This kind of basically belongs to the problem of the installation position. When installed around the transformer or signal transmitter, these things will affect the accuracy of our electromagnetic flowmeter within a certain range! In addition, the entire position of our sensor was misplaced during installation. For example, if it is placed directly at a right angle, the accuracy will also be problematic.

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