KDS-A12-23mm Spring pressure gauge

KDS-A12-23mm Spring pressure gauge


KDS-A12-23mm spring bourdon pressure gauge Copper casing nickel plated, inner 304 stainless steel bourdon tube and unbreakable PC plastic. The material does not fatigue after subject to 1000 pressure cycle test. Laser welding of the bourdon tube ensures excellent leakage resistance, and will not leak under a pressure 6 times of the working pressure.The window is made from unbreakable PC plastic. The indication is accurate and clear to read.




Work at temperature from -30℃ to 60℃




M10x1-12.5 or NPT 1/8



Indication Accuracy:

Beginning of the green zone: ≤+1bar

End of the green zone: ±0.6bar

Working Pressure: ±0.5bar

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