Several situations of failure of precision pressure gauges


The performance of the precision pressure gauge is rela […]

The performance of the precision pressure gauge is relatively superior. Generally, there are few problems during the operation, but sometimes it will cause failures due to improper operation. Today, this article will briefly analyze the reasons for the failure of the precision pressure gauge.
1. If the pointer shakes, it may be due to excessive medium pressure, improper installation location, and high vibration in the operating environment. In response to these conditions, we must timely adjust the use of precision pressure gauges and the pressure of the measured medium.
2. If the pointer is sluggish or jumping, it may be that the pointer is rubbing against the glass on the surface, or the central gear shaft is bent, or there are obstacles in the gear meshing, so we must carefully check it when using it.
To sum up, in daily applications, as long as we use the pressure gauge correctly and regularly check the pressure gauge, there should be no problems. If there is any failure, we should solve it in time.

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