Selection of precision pressure gauge types


Precision pressure gauge (English name: pressure gauge) […]

Precision pressure gauge (English name: pressure gauge) refers to a gauge that uses elastic elements as sensitive elements to measure and indicate pressure higher than the ambient pressure. It is extremely common in applications. It covers almost all industrial processes and scientific research fields. It can be seen everywhere in the fields of heating pipe network, oil and gas transmission, water and gas supply system, vehicle repair and maintenance factories and stores. Especially in the process of industrial process control and technical measurement, because the elastic sensitive element of the mechanical pressure gauge has the characteristics of high mechanical strength and convenient production, the mechanical pressure gauge is more and more widely used.
Different types of precision pressure gauges should be used to measure different media and use environments
1. For general media, such as air, water, steam, oil, etc., ordinary pressure gauges can be used.
2. For special media, special pressure gauges are required, such as ammonia pressure gauges for ammonia; oxygen pressure gauges for oxygen; pressure gauges for hydrogen; acetylene pressure gauges for acetylene and so on.
3. For general corrosive medium and corrosive gas environment, stainless steel pressure gauge can be used.
4. For measuring the pressure of liquid, gas or medium with solid floating matter with high viscosity, easy crystallization, high corrosiveness and high temperature, diaphragm pressure gauge is used.
5. For pressure measurement of pulsed media and mechanical vibration occasions. Use shock-resistant pressure gauge.
6. When remote transmission is required, a remote transmission pressure gauge can be used. The remote transmission signal has current type, resistance type and voltage type.
7. An electric contact pressure gauge can be used when there is a control protection requirement.
8. When explosion-proof requirements are required, explosion-proof type must be selected, such as explosion-proof electric contact pressure gauge.

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