Brief introduction of differential remote transmission digital barometer


Description of the use of digital barometer: The YTT-15 […]

Description of the use of digital barometer:
The YTT-150 differential remote transmission digital barometer is a two-wire intrinsically safe explosion-proof instrument used to measure the pressure of liquids, gases and vapors that are not corrosive to copper and its alloys. After the instrument is equipped with a damper, it can measure the pressure of pulsation, impact, and sudden unloading of the medium. With the diaphragm part, the pressure of the medium with high viscosity and corrosive can be measured. In addition to local pressure indication, this instrument also continuously outputs a 4-20mA DC signal linear to the measured pressure signal. It can be combined with the display, record, and adjustment instruments in the DDZ-Ⅲ electric unit combination instrument to form an automatic recording, adjustment, and control system. Suitable for use in petrochemical, metallurgy, power station, light industry and other sectors.
The digital barometer complies with the relevant requirements of GB3836.4-83 "Intrinsically safe circuits and electrical equipment for explosion-proof electrical equipment for explosive environments", and has been certified by the explosion-proof inspection unit to obtain an explosion-proof certificate.
Main Specifications:
1. Measuring range: see model specification table
2. Output signal: 4~20mADC. Two-wire system
3. Accuracy grade: 1.6
4. Load resistance: 250Ω~350Ω
5. Explosion-proof mark: ibⅡCT5
6. Power supply: DC 24V+10%, -15% (intrinsically safe type is supplied safely by ISB5362-1006, 5362-2006).
7. Working environment:
(1) Temperature: -10~+55℃
(2) Relative humidity: ≤85%
(3) External magnetic field: ≤5 Oersted
Note: 1. The digital barometer is divided into basic type, with damper type "Z", with diaphragm type "G" (the material in contact with the medium is mixed with Igr8Ni9ti and P2611). When used as an intrinsically safe type, it is used by CI series ISB The safety barrier is powered by the power distributor when used as a common type.

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