Use a fire extinguisher to optimistic about the pressure gauge


If the fire extinguisher is not properly maintained or […]

If the fire extinguisher is not properly maintained or is not used for a long time, problems such as rust and abnormal pressure may occur. Therefore, pay attention to the pressure gauge above the bottle mouth when using. If the pointer on the watch is in the green area, the internal pressure of the fire extinguisher is normal, indicating that it can be used normally; if it is in the yellow area, it indicates that the internal pressure is over, and there is a danger of explosion; The red area indicates underpressure, and the powder does not spray out, which affects the fire extinguishing effect.
In addition, the fire extinguisher, the appearance of the gas cylinder and the threaded parts are severely corroded. Due to the improper deformation of the cylinder, the hydraulic pressure test has a leak or the deformation rate of the cylinder exceeds 6%. The internal machine head is not installed or cannot be installed. Unloading screws and fixing screws, unreasonable structure, and fire extinguishers that are not allowed to be sold, repaired, or used by the Ministry of Public Security or the provincial fire department, have not been produced by the manufacturer, and have no manufacturer name or factory date. All should be stopped and handed over to the unit with the qualification for recycling.

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