How to maintain a precision pressure gauge


The precision pressure gauge should be equipped with ad […]

The precision pressure gauge should be equipped with additional devices when used in the following situations, but no additional errors should be generated, otherwise it should be considered for correction. (1) In order to ensure that the meter is not affected by the corrosion of the measured medium or the viscosity or crystallization, an isolation device should be installed; (2) In order to ensure that the meter is not affected by the rapid change or pulsating pressure of the measured medium, a buffer should be installed Device. Especially when the pressure increases sharply and the pressure drops sharply, it is easy to damage the pressure gauge, even the spring tube bursts and leaks; (3) In order to ensure that the gauge is not affected by vibration, the pressure gauge should be equipped with a vibration reduction device and a fixing device ; (4) In order to ensure that the meter is not affected by the high temperature of the measured medium, a liquid-filled elbow device should be installed; (5) Dedicated special meters are strictly prohibited for other uses, and measurement is strictly prohibited without special reliable devices. It is also strictly forbidden to use general pressure gauges for pressure measurement of special media; (6) For newly purchased pressure detection instruments, before installation and use, measurement verification must be carried out to prevent vibration, damage or other factors destroying the accuracy of the pressure instrument during transportation. degree.
Maintenance of precision pressure gauge:
1. After a period of use and pressure, the precision pressure gauge movement will inevitably show some deformation and wear, and the pressure gauge will produce various errors and failures. In order to ensure its original accuracy without distortion of the value transmission, it should be replaced in time to ensure that the instructions are correct, safe and reliable. 2. The pressure gauge should be cleaned regularly. Because the inside of the pressure gauge is not clean, it will increase the wear of various parts, which will affect its normal operation, and will seriously cause the pressure gauge to malfunction and become scrapped. 3. According to the regulations of JJG52-1999, the verification period of the pressure gauge installed in the pressure measurement position generally does not exceed half a year. For pressure gauges related to production safety and environmental monitoring, the verification period must be in accordance with the verification regulations, which can only be less than half a year; if the industrial and mining conditions are bad, the verification period must be shorter.
In order to accurately measure the precision pressure gauge, in addition to the correct selection and verification (calibration) of the instrument, attention must be paid to the correct installation of the entire system. If only the meter itself is accurate, its displayed value cannot fully represent the actual parameters of the measured medium, because the error of the measurement system is not equal to the error of the meter.

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